Monday, August 24, 2009

Alinea: Precision, Artistry, Science and Food

by Ivy
SWEET sweet sweet promo video for the restaurant, Alinea. Take a look! Next time I'm in Chicago, I'll have to look it up.

Alinea/Crucial Detail - "Tokyo Taste"

is a restaurant in Chicago which opened in 2005. Its chef /owner, Grant Achatz, is known for his inventive preparations and deconstructions of classic flavors, as well as his rotating menu.

It has included a peanut butter and jelly composed of a single, peeled grape, still on the stem, encased in peanut butter and wrapped in paper-thin brioche. Alinea is known to serve 20 or so small courses over a period of hours. Customers have been known to cry out due to flavor.

Meals encompass all senses. Many entrees specifically are designed to appeal to the sense of smell or feel, in order to enhance the flavor of the food. For example, one dish is served on an inflatable pillow filled with nutmeg infused air, which is to be breathed before tasting the actual food. Some call this style overly pretentious, though the overall effect can be quite appealing.


  1. "Customers have been known to cry out due to flavor." SOUNDS LIKE FOOD PORN TO ME!

  2. Totally random response to your arrrr comment about porto's...isn't talk like a pirate day coming up? I believe it's in September!

  3. Hahaha... thanks for the remindARR! looking forward to it... I'll never forget the pirate birthday you guys did for me!