Tuesday, July 7, 2009


by Emi
Sorry for the lack of pictures but I lost my camera this weekend in a freak accident involving a drifting boat and a port-a-potty on the lake in Mammoth. The camera was 3 years old so I guess it was time for a new one.... I digress....

So, upon my return from said trip to Mammoth I went with my cousins to my first Michelin starred restaurant, Providence in Hancock Park. I was really excited since one of my favorite food bloggers, KevinEats (http://www.kevineats.com/2007/03/providence-los-angeles-ca.htm) has visited this restaurant FOUR times!!

So typically when I go to dinner with my fellow foodie cousins/friends we order a bunch of stuff and share it family style (in true Asian fashion!). However, upon ordering 3 appetizers and 2 entrees for a party of 5, the server taking our order scoffed at us saying "that's it?" RUDE!! I guess they were hoping they would sucker us all into ordering one of their 12 course chef tastings for $160 each. Not this group sorry buck-o!

So we ordered the following:

Maine Lobster Risotto (carnaroli rice, rosemary, shimeji mushrooms, lemon)
Foie Gras Ravioli (italian summer truffles, aromatics, parmesan)
Shitake Mushroom, Polenta, Sunny Side-Up Egg and Endive
Prime New York Steak (Mc Grath farms baby broccoli, tomato compote, bone marrow, sauce bordelaise)
Liberty Farms Peking Duck Breasts (Weiser Farms globe carrots, black trumpets, duck jus)

Overall I would say the best part of the meal was the Bacon Brioche Rolls and the Foie Gras Ravioli. It's definitely a special occasion restaurant as their portions are kinda small but the food is so rich you don't need much to be satisfied.

Btw, only one drink was ordered and no desserts it cost about $50/ person. Not too bad.


  1. Ooooh! I've always wanted to eat here! Thanks for sharing your review. Now I def have to try it out. Bacon Brioche Rolls mmm.

  2. btw that accident with the port-a-potty sounds hilarious. Too bad your camera didn't take a picture of that incident either lol.

  3. im so sorry about your camera incident. The restaurant sounds awesome though!

  4. "That's it?", said the asshole waiter.
    "Yes Dickwad. That's it. Now go", said I.