Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's HOT, let's go get some nang-myun.

by Jee

It's officially summer time. That means it's officially time to enjoy some nang-myun, which is korean cold noodles. I don't really know why that spoon is there as we Koreans like to just drink the cold soup straight from the bowl. Don't forget to add the vinegar! Mo' vinegar mo' better.

(the picture is of homemade nang-myun that my friend, Ester's mom made. You can get nang-myun from most Korean restaurants as it is the staple meal for summer.)


  1. Gah! I am SO craving this! Let's go get some! Do you know a good place? Does Madangguksoo have it?

  2. Hmm... My choice for my favorite nang-myun place is a bit controversial...

  3. You are always controversial. Let's go. I'm always up to try new places.