Sunday, June 14, 2009

Japanese Snack Review: Cheetos "Honey Fondue" + Doritos "Wasabi Mayo"

by Ivy
I saw these at Mitsuwa Marketplace and couldn't resist buying them.

"Honey Cheese Fondue" Cheetos

Picture credit: DarkChunsa

Honey and Cheese.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What is in this picture exactly? Cheese pizza with honey squirts? I'm already a little suspect that this won't be too tasty. I guess it makes sense if you like Brie accented with honey but on Cheeto cheese, I gander, it would be like crunchy bits of candied foot rot.

Picture credit:

The outside is really powdery, more powdery than a regular orange Cheeto. I don't like it. Wtf. I can't figure out whether this is sweet or savory. 0/5
I will never buy this again.

"Wasabi Mayo" Doritos

This version of Dorito is part of their "Gourmet" line of flavors. Here are other flavors I've quickly googled to see what else is out there in Gourmet Doritoland: Fried Chicken and Green Onion flavor and Sausage. Well, no surprise there! The Japanese are no strangers to interesting or odd snack food flavors.

On first inspection the Dorito is quite shiny! It looks deceptively unflavored--yellow corn tortilla chip with a nice sheen on it. They even look a little more sophisticated in size and shape compared to their American counterparts. Think isosceles rather than equilateral.

At first taste, it has savoryness with undertones of mayo with a wasabi kick. The wasabi heat was just the right amount for me. Any spicier I might have complained.

I would definitely buy these again. 3.75/5

If you're still curious here's a video review from J-list on wasabi Doritos


  1. we have a mitsuwa here just outside of nyc, and I'm tempted to try the cheetos snack myself. i just can't accept that it's no good. the photo on the package looks like a weird hybrid of pizza and okonomiyaki, lol.

  2. hahaha, well if you do! let me know if you liked/hated it. photos can be deceiving!