Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top Chef Tour : Los Angeles : Hosea and Fabio

by Ivy
Last Friday, I went with my friends to check out the Top Chef tour in their last stop... Los Angeles! They were set up on the corner of Fairfax and 3rd street near The Grove.

Here's the tent that they were set up in.

Season 5 winner, Hosea Rosenberg(left) and fan favorite, Fabio Vivianni(right).

Hosea Rosenberg
I'm going to sauté peas with a Ginger sauce. Amazing. Little crunchy. Bright colorful dish.
If you fry things for the right amount of time they don't hold the oil. Cook at 350.
Shallots won't make your eyes burn, the have a nice and sweet flavor without the strength of the onion.

What is Hosea making? He mixes a little red curry with chopped mangoes.
From what I can see there are sugar snap peas, coconut, cooked jasmine rice, shrimp, cilantro, and along with some other ingredients on the table.

Fabio Viviani
The two things I hate most: cilantro and peanut butter
He's using cilantro. I hate cilantro!
Why do people cook with this herb that looks like parsley but tastes like perfume!

Hosea Rosenberg
I'm going to make peanut butter and cilantro sandwiches for Fabio since he hates both. :)

However, since Hosea won Top Chef, Fabio concedes that Hosea can use cilantro or anything in his dish for the demo.
Fabio is hilarious as he is on TV, he reminds me of real life Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Hosea Rosenberg
What surprised me most about being on Top Chef... It's a lot harder than you think! And there's cameras everywhere!

Fabio Viviani
I love my wife, but it's hard to concentrate with Padma around

Hosea Rosenberg
Padma is a little intimidating. She's beautiful!

What we also find out is that the "Quickfire challenge" actually is a 4-hour long process. When the judges finally arrive at tasting, the food ends up being cold because of the time it takes for them to record the initial snapshots of the dishes along with the judges reaction and comments. It's pretty infuriating for the contestants.

Macadamia & (Quaker) Oat crusted shrimp with coconut cilantro rice, ginger snap peas and mango red curry sauce. This was a nice summery dish.
Quaker Oats was the sponsor of this event, so Hosea made it a point to make a dish using oats.

I end up sticking around for Demo 2, too curious not to stay--really wanted to check out Fabio's dish! He's one of my favorite people from the show because of his humor and crassness. He's starting to cook a pasta dish here using San Marzano tomatoes, red onions, lots of garlic. He effuses how he "loves a saucy sauce!"

Fabio Viviani
"Pancetta is the side belly, rolled and salt cured, bacon is the flat belly. Pancetta is NOT bacon."

He stressed this multiple times throughout the demo.

Fabio Viviani
My favorite challenge: Foo Fighters. We got pretty drunk after we won.

Orecchiete pasta with bacon I mean pancetta. This was pretty good too. I love pasta especially in marinara.

Here's a video I took of Fabio on "monkey ass"...

Fabio Viviani
They're asking about my monkey ass comment on the show. I've never actually cooked monkey ass.

Can't wait to try Fabio's restaurant! A lil luv for his Fabioness: Cafe firenzi

They were really happy to sign on a guy wearing this T-shirt.


  1. I was wondering what that set up next to the grove was for! that's cool you were fun :) :)

  2. wow, this looks like a fun event. very jealous.

  3. thanks justin! :) you should catch their next wave of tours!

    also, thanks for dropping by our page and your comments!

  4. That is sooo cool! I loved Fabio too!

  5. OH MY GOD. I can't believe Fabio hates cilantro. WOW.