Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mayonnaise for hair and Racial food slurs

by Ivy

Raid your fridge for the mayonnaise(not to be confused with "Mayonnaise" Conditioner) that you'll need to use as a mask in your hair. Squirt a good glob in your palm and spread through your hair. Leave in the mayonnaise mask for 30 min with a shower cap over it. If you don't have a shower cap, wrap your head with Saran Wrap so that you seal in the cream and prevent it from drying it out prematurely. Shampoo thoroughly then rinse out with water. You won't need conditioner, this mask is pretty luxurious and if you have dry hair it will make it feel softer, shinier and moisturized. Make sure to wash off every bit with shampoo, otherwise rinsing with only water, you'll end up smelling like mayo.

According to a survey, on the Kevin and Bean show / KROQ on their feature "The Wheel of Stereotypes", callers said that white people smell like mayonnaise. While I don't think this is true, I thought it was an interesting bit of trivia to mention since most other races have created derogatory statements about other races based on what they eat, i.e. Indians smell like curry, Koreans smell like kimchee, black people smell like fried chicken, Germans smell like kraut etc etc etc. Anyway, I would not recommend you wash any of the aforementioned in your hair other than mayo. lol. Although I dare you to try it!

Egg and oil have been known to have properties to add shine and volume which can be used individually as masks as well. Mayonnaise seems to offer the best of both worlds. Give it a try!

Overall rating: Surprise! It's a fantastic deep conditioner for dry hair. I'm usually a proponent for buying hair products from the store or beauty supply store. I am happy to report that this was a good product replacement that you can do at home to save money. I will never look at Mayonnaise in the same way ever again.

I also tried EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in the hair a few weeks ago. It worked pretty well, but you definitely need to Shampoo twice to make sure you don't leave your hair too oily with Mayo residue. My hair felt rather greasy afterwards, however, olive oil has a long history of being used in hair and skin since early civilization. Based on my experience, Mayo worked the best.


  1. OMG! Remember when I heard that stereotype on Kevin and Bean, too, and became TOTALLY PARANOID ABOUT SMELLING LIKE MAYO? Too funny!

    I sure miss working with you Poo!

  2. I was totally remembering our conversation on it one sunny afternoon. Nostalgia!