Tuesday, May 26, 2009


by Nidhi
I was mentally (somewhat) prepared to go to Yoga tonight and even had my yoga pants on. There was still some time left for the class so I switched on the TV and started watching Iron Chef. Mistake! The challenger was cooking with South Indian spices and that's all the hint I needed to get my stomach screaming for some South Indian food, which I hadn't had in a while. I don't find too many decent South Indian restaurants in LA and the 2 that I liked just recently got demoted to a food/health dept. grading of C. That was a bummer!

I did try Paru's a few times and came back with mixed feelings. I like its proximity to home and also the slightly quirky, colorful and warm ambience. Tonight I liked it more than before. We got the Queen Paru combo to share and a fried potato appetizer on the side. The Queen Paru platter is as grand as it sounds. It came with a ghee roast dosa, sambhar, light chickpea curry, idli, raita and poori. It's more than enough to share between two people.

The platter and the food in general at Paru's is on the heavier side but quite delicious. They also have a very unique, LA and Yoga inspired menu with some lighter/healthier options. Most of the dishes are not super spicy and very different from North Indian food which is what most Indian restaurants usually serve. It's definitely worth going to once in a while and when I am ready for a little ghee love. And no, I didn't end up going to Yoga.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS NIDHI! We had the same kind of evening! I was dressed and ready to go to my Body Works class at the gym and just couldn't do it. So instead, I went to Pei Wei for the first time and ordered Lo Mein with Tofu. Nothing like ditching the gym to eat egg noodles... :) I blame it on post-memorial day weekend blues.

  2. Yoga pants are nice and stretchy for more carbs! lol!