Friday, May 8, 2009

Burger King Burger Shots Vs. Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers

by Ivy
Alas, my review for the Burger King Burger Shots has come.

"Grab. Tear. Enjoy"

The wrapper and the ad campaigns suggest they want you to share these burgers. Whereas the Mini Sirloin burgers from Jack in the Box seem to emphasize impact of beefiness in a tiny little punch(little cows! little moo-moos!). The overall physical size of these burgers is smaller than the Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers and comes in a pack of two(or six-pack) instead of three-pack like Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers.

Yup, that is my leg on the left side in that photo, don't get too excited now. ;)

I'm not really diggin' the flimsy paper wrapping now that I have the Mini Sirloin Burgers in a box for comparison. Like McDonalds hamburgers, the buns are misshapen due to the thin material used to protect them. In regards to size, they are oddly similar to McDonalds hamburgers except they are two burgers conjoined in the middle by the bread and yes... conjoined meat!

Also where's the cheese? >:(

I totally miss the cheese like in McDonalds burgers. What a travesty! I think price point wise, these are a little cheaper about a dollar or two than what Jack in the Box offers for these slider type burgers but you get 2 instead of 3. It's a good snacker size for a pack of 2. For a meal, you need 2 packs of 2. For a hungry man, you'll need a 6-pack.

Which one packs a better flavor?

Verdict: Not bad. Tastes like McDonalds hamburgers, except no diced onions and NO CHEESE! =(

Read onto...

Mini Sirloin burgers from Jack in the Box

It stands up to any sit-down restaurant that serves slider burgers like ESPN Zone or any ol' sports bar. However, it won't beat a Kobe slider burger from a four-star restaurant. I really enjoyed the peppered taste in the ground beef. The buns were sweet(Hawaiian sweet rolls) and it was garnished with American cheese, sweet grilled onions, and ketchup.

Maybe this is just a ploy to get parents and children to share a 3-pack of burgers--to fatten
their children and prep them for good ol' American obesity. Yessss, start them young my pretties!

I also liked the hard, box packaging instead of the cheaper paper wrapper that BK used.
The buns were plump too--they looked awfully cute like a baby's bottom. I was tempted to give um' a good ol' pat.

Verdict: Yippee kayeaayyy DELICIOUS! And what a catchy tune!

Here's the brilliant ad associated with these burgers. Wrong, yet so good:

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